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Quickly increase your visibility, improve your communication, sell online efficiently, accept more bookings, manage your customers better and manage your teams with the most powerful digital solution available for hairdressers, manicure salons, make-up artists....


What you get

An all-in-one digital solution!

Your own mobile application

Your own mobile application

Present in the pockets of all your customers, the smartphone has become their most loyal friend. Friends of my friends are my friends, they say...

Your own website

Your own website

A showcase open to the world 24/24 hours, 7 days a week, it is an essential. To not have a beautiful and functional one would be sheer madness.

Your Kokopilot Board

Your Kokopilot Board

Guide your teams, deploy your offer, broadcast your communication, contact your customers... The management software of the future, simple, fun and intuitive.


Generate more income

Increase your turnover by becoming more accessible, accept online bookings, sell remotely...

Online bookings

You consult your reservations online and manually add any external reservations for an optimized overview.

Payment methods

The customer chooses his preferred payment method: instant payment by credit card, paypal... or cash to be paid on the day of booking.

Sale of gift cards

Offer your customers the opportunity to buy gift cards. The lucky receiver will be able to use it to pay for a future reservation.

Attract more customers

Share your news, send communications directly to your customers'smartphones and build customer loyalty!

Multi post broadcast

Share the news of your company and strengthen your attractiveness. Publish in one click on your site, application and social networks.

Notifications push.

Send your most important communications directly to your customers' smartphones!

Reward System

For each confirmed payment, your customers receive points associated with a reward system that you configure with a single click.

Manage more efficiently

Join forces by involving your teams, collect your customers'data and interact automatically with them.

Customer file.

All your customers' interactions: Orders, reservations, messages... are automatically stored in the system.

Team involvement

Become more available for your customers ! Your teams participate in the digitalization of your company thanks to our dedicated tools.

Automated Customer Relationship

An order confirmation, an appointment reminder? Our software sends these automatic emails for you!


Digital Identity

Digital Communication

Online Sales

Online Bookings

Customer Management

Team Management


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Displays its products

Online sales

Inventory management

Loyalty card

Push notifications promo

News posts

Plantific is a brand of beauty and cosmetic sin health. Created and imagined by Cristina in London and produced in South Korea. This small company only present on Amazon has the ambitions of a big one.

Cristina, this 28-year-old entrepreneur has a very clear vision of her company, she wants to offer healthy and natural products at competitive prices all with a clean design, colors reminiscent of nature and a worked communication.

Plantific had almost everything from a great, quality products, competitive prices, Amazon delivery services, happy customers… but the brand lacked a place to exist to continue to grow…

Although Amazon offers a “seller” page, it has nothing to assert its identity in relation to others, conveying the mission, vision and values of the company. On Amazon, it's the products that are in the spotlight, not the brand.


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How much does it cost?

A fixed rate, no surprises!

  • 1 website
  • 1 domain name
  • Unlimited users
  • additional options
    €9.90 / month per app
  • 1 native Android app
  • 1 native iOS app (requires an Apple Developer account)
How much does it cost? A fixed rate, no surprises!
€39.90 / month No commitment
Annual -50%
  • Hosting and access to the Kokopilot Board
  • All features are available
  • No hidden fees or commissions
  • Only your brand
  • Regular updates
  • Maintenance and safety

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